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Desborough Legacy is a Fundraising Charity by Parents & Staff whose purpose is to raise donations and gifts so as to provide the extra equipment and facilities that benefit the pupils and students at the college.

We want to improve and enrich the lives of our children and the students attending Desborough College by enabling them to have the use of equipment that the college simply cannot include in their budgets from the monies government provide.

Desborough Legacy is an opportunity for every parent and family to join in with their son’s college life, offering their particular skills and services and participating and helping, in our community of parents and staff.Because we are a registered charity, we are able to claim “Gift Aid” on donations and gifts, where the tax man will give us £500 for every £2,000 we raise ourselves (or 25p per £1).

If you are self-employed and your business pays business tax, then you can claim exemption for donations and gifts to a registered charity.

Why not give this tax to your son’s college via Desborough Legacy and not the tax man. Your accountant can advise you.

If you work for a company or organisation, they too can donate to charity and receive the same exemption from business tax. Help your son’s college by encouraging your company to help us and not the tax man.

Donate to Desborough Legacy to improve and enrich your son’s college life.

Charity Commission Registration Number : 1113365

Current Officers:


Chair :                           James Ayres-Turner  (Site Manager)

Deputy Chair :                Jyoti Chopra  (Site Team Member)

Treasurer :                     Kathryn James (Parent)  

Committee Secretary:      Nuria White (Parent, Attendance Officer)

Gift Aid Secretary & HMRC Agent:     

Parent Recruitment:         Phil Melling   (Parent)

External Sponsorship & Fundraising :  Sarah Moss (Parent)  

Committee Members:

Beverly Meade   (Parent)

Chris Meade      (Parent)

Phil Melling        (Parent)

Nicola Jones      (Parent)

Sarah Moss       (Parent)

Julie Mellar        (Parent)

Aine Kelleher     (Teacher, Head of Technology)

Matthew Snell    (Teacher, Year 8 Raising Achievement Leader)

Mick Wakeling    (Senior IT Technician)

Bernadette Eaves (Teacher, Leadership)  


Next Events :

Come along and meet us and help or join our team


Please note that the next Desborough Legacy meeting is on Thursday, 30th March at 7.30pm, in the School Library.

All are welcome.