"There is a keen focus on academiic achievement which is expanded by the provision of enrichment courses in drama, music and art."

Ofsted 2014

Advanced Learner Provision

Aims and Philosophy

At Desborough College we aim for each pupil to achieve their highest potential, including our Advanced Learners.

The purpose of our Advanced Learner provision is to raise aspirations and create enriching opportunities for our most academically able and motivated students to challenge themselves, whilst cultivating a resilient and positive work ethic.

Identification of Advanced Learners

Advanced Learners are identified in various ways:

·         In Years 7 and 8, Curriculum Leaders and Raising Achievement Leaders can nominate pupils using agreed criteria. Previous high achievement at primary school is also used as an indicator.

·         In Year 9, students’ data from the end of the previous academic year is used along with nominations from Curriculum Leaders.

·         In Years 10 and 11, the quantity of high GCSE predictions a student receives is used as the primary indicator.

·         At Sixth Form, Curriculum Leaders nominate students. Self-nomination is also possible and we invite motivated and aspirational students to apply.

The list of Advanced Students is reviewed three times a year and is not fixed: students who make better than expected progress may be added while those who do not make expected progress may be removed.

Challenge in Lessons

Classroom teachers are made aware of all Advanced Learners.

Challenge and extension is built into each topic across the year groups. The Coordinator for Advanced Learners works with departments to develop further high order and complex tasks.

Extracurricular Challenge

The aim of these activities is to foster a love of learning and knowledge outside the classroom.

Calling on a broad network of resources, planned activities currently include:

·         Oxford University outreach visits, including a trip to Brasenose College;

·         Talks given by university academics and staff;

·         Lunchtime discussions, projects, and competitions;

·         Visits to Radley College to hear guest speakers;

·         The Advanced Reading Portfolio, which encourages students to read widely;

·         A broad range of enrichment opportunities arranged by departments, including the Carnegie Shadowing Book Group.

The Future

We look forward to expanding our provision and gaining accreditation from the National Association for Able Children in Education.