Head of House Coordinator:

Mrs Natalie McFarlane

Desborough House System

The house system is in place to allow all pupils at Desborough College to have a true sense of belonging to their house. It is more than simply the different tie colours that the students wear for identification. Similar to the pioneers, creators and intellects of their namesakes; the house system provides opportunities to develop social, creative, intellectual, physical and practical skills across all subjects and topics. The house system underpins the Desborough way of developing key characteristics for success, based around the school motto of Enjoy, Compete, and Achieve. The house system gives all students opportunities to create a sense of enjoyment, healthy competition and to celebrate achievements inside and outside of the classroom.

It creates opportunities for leadership within the school, to drive ambition and to build awareness of individual and collective responsibility.


The Houses



 Constable               Dickens                Brunel                   Elgar                                    


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Points system

Points will be given using SIMS for ‘achievement’ in lessons throughout the year as standard.

They will also be awarded for:

·   Contribution to larger house events (monitored by the Head of House Coordinator)

·   Wider school life contribution and events (monitored by staff members)

·   Attendance to extracurricular activities and clubs (monitored by staff members)

·   100% attendance (Monitored by RALs)

·   Form time quizzes (Monitored by tutors)

·   Sports day (Monitored by the Head of House Coordinator)

·   Millionaire Reader (Monitored by LRC)


1 point awarded for basic contribution/3rd place

3 points awarded for good contribution/2nd place

5 points awarded for excellent contribution/1st place


For larger events only the winners get 10 points each for their house input to SIMS by the Head of House Coordinator


The Head of House will oversee all of the house points system and review progress throughout the year at the end of each term.


House Assemblies

House assemblies will take place every 4th week of term rotating for each house in the main hall. During these assemblies notices will be given, the chance to promote larger events, an update on the house point totals so far and to have success stories of particular challenges or pupils within the team. The Senior House Captains and house captains will lead the assemblies and inspire their teams. During the assemblies the house flags will be present and the house song will play upon arrival of students. The Staff House Leaders and Head of House Coordinator will be present where appropriate.



Assembly Day










House School Events Calendar


House Event


Time and Location


Spelling Bee

2nd-5th October

Lunchtime English block

Literacy English

Debate Society

6th-9th November

Lunchtimes and lessons History and English block

History and Politics, English

Christmas Bake Off Challenge

6th December

Pupils drop off cakes in form time, Technology.

Design and Technology

House Shout Vocal Battle

27th November

Lunchtime and afterschool, Music block


Christmas Celebration Concert

13th December

6pm, Jacoby studio

Music and Drama

Mastermind Quiz

January 15th- 18th

Lunchtime Jacoby studio

Public speaking All subjects

House Battle Week

5-9th February

Whole school

All subjects

Food Donations- Charity week

14th -15th March

Form time collections


Math Challenge

26th March

Lunchtimes Math’s block

Maths Numeracy

Star Factor

2nd may

6.30pm, hall

Music Performing Arts

Graffiti Project

3rd June

All day Art block


Sports Day

? June

All day, Field