Curriculum Leader - MFL:

Mrs Gerber

German Exchange 2016

The German Exchange.. the return leg.

Es war fabelhaft……to see our German exchanges once again. Our week was filled with fun and whizzed by.  We immediately took up where we left off and planned lots of activities together between the groups for the evenings and weekends – this was combined with the programme already in place for our partners which was a London trip Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then two full school days on Tuesday and Thursday shadowing us and participating in our lessons together. It was a brilliant week, we found out shared passions such as football and Reading losing to Crystal Palace brought a tear to Jo and his partner Lasse’s eyes when they went to the match together.

Elliot treated Niklas to blue raspberry liquorice which Niklas said he loved at Hardy’s sweet shop in Windsor. Samis’ partner Niklas found out that he loves a full English breakfast and Jake’s partner Luca enjoyed scones with jam and cream with Jake’s Nan!

The final party was hosted at Newlands and was an energetic evening full of dancing and stories, the conga even appeared at one point!

The Exchange was over and there were tearful goodbyes at the airport. But we are told faithfully by Ms Gerber that the letters for the Exchange 2016 will be on their way out to the year 10 and 11 of 2016 very soon! Bis nächstes Mal!