Headteacher's Welcome

Summer 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope that you are all well and looking forward to a (hopefully) sunny half-term  holiday. I know that I am and the staff and pupils are, too. Boys in Year 11 and sixth form students, both boys and girls, have generally worked very hard in preparation for the exams and deserve to succeed. They just need to maintain their focus for a few more weeks to give themselves the confidence they need as they sit the last few papers. They can then look forward to results day knowing that, whatever the outcome, they have done their best. Nobody can ask for more.

As is now the tradition at Desborough, Year 11 boys will be asked to vote for the three teachers who they feel have gone the extra mile for them since September. The winner is awarded The Desborough College Teacher of the Year Award which is a rather handsome trophy presented by the boys themselves. There are plenty of staff to choose from, believe me. Collectively, the staff at Desborough College are the most hardworking and talented that I have worked alongside in over thirty years in the teaching profession.

Year 13 students will be saying farewells to teachers and fellow-students over the next few weeks before embarking upon the next exciting stage of their lives      whether that be at university, in employment or in training. I wish them all luck and thank them for being such an entertaining, humorous, helpful and well-mannered year group. I hope to see as many as possible on A Level Results Day to share their happiness and excitement.

There can be little respite for the staff, I'm afraid. Preparations are already in place to ensure that next year's Year 7 cohort are given a smooth, worry-free transition into the secondary phase of their education. It will be the biggest year group in school and over 100 of them are signed up for the summer school.

Trips are taking place over the next couple of months to Borneo, Rhos-y-Gwaliau and Bangor in Wales. News and pictures of these trips can be seen on Desborough's Facebook page and Twitter feed. Nuria White and Louise Pankhurst do a great job maintaining these sites.

Finally, a plea for information. We are putting together a Wall of Fame to celebrate the achievements of Desborough pupils. Unfortunately, I suspect that many boys are too modest to share their achievements with me so I am hoping that parents or friends will contact me with details that I can display to acknowledge and share outstanding practice.














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