ICT in the LRC

There are 10 networked, flat screen computers in the LRC, which the boys from all years may book to use at break and at lunch. 

  • Pupils in Years 7-11 may use the Internet for homework or coursework related topics. 
  • Members of the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13) have access to the computers at any time. 
  • Staff – both teaching and support – have access to the computers during and beyond the school day.
  • We have 6 kindles, 5 basic and 1 more sophisticated for use in small groups during lesson times.
  • There are also 6 networked laptops with wifi internet access for use in lesson time by year 7-11 and at all times they are available to 6th formers.

Use of the ICT facilities in the LRC is covered by the Desborough College ICT Agreement.

Abuse of the facilities or any breach of the ICT Agreement may result in access being withdrawn.