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Mrs Gerber

Modern Foreign Languages

The MFL Department


The Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) department at Desborough offers a range of 2 core languages, French and German  up to GCSE and A level examinations, and other enrichment languages, examples of which most recently have been Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Dutch, and this year will include Arabic, which are taught/examined at both GCSE and AS/A2. The department consists of 3 members of staff. We work closely with colleagues in other schools and provide teaching and examinations in the consortium of subjects within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.


GCSE KS4 MFL Results Summer 2015

French achieved 91% A*-C

German achieved 79% A*-C

Average achievement GCSE MFL 85% A*-C, 100% A*-E


Curriculum and Examination

We currently teach French or French and German to year 7 pupils. The combination of languages will depend on setting and timetabling, and it is not always possible to offer a choice in the languages studied. However, parents’ preferences will be taken into account if at all possible.  There may also be some pupils who will not study a language in year 7  as they will be pursuing further curricular assessment in core subjects. It must be stressed that, in the majority of cases, it will be expected that the majority of boys will study at least one modern European language at Desborough, particularly if aiming for the EBacc. qualification and for university applications, where a good GCSE pass in a modern foreign language is increasingly seen as proving academic rigour and good communication skills.

Those with A*, A or B grades will then be encouraged to continue to study a language at least to AS, or to A2 level.

Language Activities


For our GCSE and A level students, we offer unique opportunities to get the most out of their language learning through our exchanges and trips. The German exchange has this year celebrated its 29th anniversary, almost unheard of in a boys’ comprehensive school, and we are proud of this achievement, combining also our partners from Newlands Girls’ School in the last 12 years. We are currently in the process of setting up a KS4 French trip and also potentially, if demand is sufficient further KS3 trips. We have also combined with Newlands in previous years in representing our local authority - and country – in our twin town of Goslar, which proved outstanding, with our 6th formers involved in presenting their views on alternative energy at an international conference, and meeting the mayor and local dignitaries.

Our Promise

We aim to offer all pupils as enjoyable an exposure to a modern foreign language as possible, whatever their inclination or ability. We strive to provide the best possible opportunity for our pupils to excel in another language and learn about different cultures.

Further Information

Progress levels for years 7-11 German and French

If you would like more information about MFL at Desborough, or wish to discuss any aspect of our language offer further, click on our page on the school website or contact me directly.

Hannah Gerber

Curriculum Leader MFL Department  Desborough College

Email: or Tel: 01628 762548