Old Maidonians

The Old Maidonians’ Association

In 1924, Mr A E Brooks, the Headteacher of the Maidenhead County Boys’ School (now Desborough College) formed the Old Maidonians’ Association, with the following objectives:-

  1. to provide a link between past and present members of the School (under its present and former names)
  2. to provide social and sporting events for its members
  3. to further the interests of the School and its past and present members.

These objectives have remained unchanged.  The colours of the Association are black with stripes reflecting the School colours.  

The Association publishes a periodic Newsletter with news of the School and of the Association and of former pupils and members of the Staff.  It organises an Annual Dinner during March/April at Maidenhead Golf Club, an Annual Reunion in December  at Maidenhead Rugby Club principally for those who have left the School in recent years.  It also organises matches annual matches against the School in rugby, hockey and golf.  In golf it also organises an annual competition at the end of the Summer term for the Brooks Cup, open to its members, pupils, Staff and Governors of the School.

The Association’s support for the School takes several forms.  It provides significant funds for the School’s annual Prize Day, assists in the sponsoring of rugby shirts, funded colours ties for the various School teams  and makes grants for special projects.

Membership of the Old Maidonians’ Association  currently costs £15 for 5 years and £45 for Life Membership.  For students at Desborough College the initial subscription (paid on entry into the 6th Form) is £10, covering the cost of the Association tie and membership for 5 years. 

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