"There is a keen focus on academiic achievement which is expanded by the provision of enrichment courses in drama, music and art."

Ofsted 2014

Our History

We are now embarking on a new and exciting period in the life of the school as Desborough College. In October 2012 we became an Education Fellowship Academy. The reason that we became an Education Fellowship Academy can be summed up with the following statement. “Our  love  of  children  is  at  the  heart  of  the  purpose  of  creating  our  new  academy group and I am so glad you are going to be part of this exciting venture with us.  It is this love of children that drives us to seek the highest possible standards for all the children in our care.   Our educational philosophy is to educate the whole person, body  mind  and  spirit  which  means  that  the  school  will  concentrate  on  top  class academic work, a wide  range of  sporting achievements and all those things which affect our cultural development and how we grow as people.”

At Desborough College we are conscious and proud of our history, having been founded as a boys’ grammar school over one hundred years ago. This has enabled us to retain the best of the past, for example in our focus on responsibility and respect. It has enabled us to move from a firm foundation on to a modern agenda and have a vision of future achievement.

The heritage of the school is evident in many aspects of school life. There is a crest and school motto. Uniform is important and is worn by all pupils. The school has a fundamental commitment to offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The school tries to implement the best of current educational practice in a sensible and well-planned manner. We have embarked on a range of initiatives that have extended opportunity for all. Both staff and governors view the opportunity to specialise in the education of boys very positively. They feel this provides a learning environment in which boys can thrive and excel. For some boys, their achievement is enhanced by the school’s single-sex character.

The school tries to implement the best of current educational practice in a sensible and well-planned manner. Our ethos celebrates the traditions of the past and provides vision for the future. Boys are able to work in a less constrained manner in activities that may be more difficult in a coeducational setting. As well as strength in Mathematics, Physical Education and Science, some of the strongest student performances in public examinations recently have been in English, Drama, Music, Art, Catering and Modern Languages, which is atypical of a boys’ school.