"The sponsors, Education Fellowship Trust, provides expert advice and guidance and regularly visit subject leaders in classrooms."

Ofsted 2014

The Education Fellowship

Top quality education and life opportunities

The Education Fellowship was founded in 2012 to deliver an excellent education to children of all backgrounds.  The Fellowship’s experienced team is committed to every child at their schools receiving access to a top quality education - and the life opportunities which that can offer. We enable young people to face life confident that they will make a difference wherever they go. 

A unique benefit for all Fellowship academies is the high level of support, development and training provided for its Principals and staff to ensure that excellence is achieved throughout.  We are clear that The Fellowship is in the business of education and that our pupils and their parents are our ‘customers’.  That mind set, and all that flows from it, is - and should not be any different from - any other business. 

The Fellowship values reflect the way we partner with our schools, minimising central control and avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy.  We work alongside schools to provide the right level of support locally enabling them to grow in a sustainable way; but The Fellowship does not abdicate its responsibilities for good governance and outcomes. 

From the moment the Governing Body of a school chooses The Fellowship as a sponsor, the partnership begins.  The Fellowship never pre-judges; before we implement any changes we build mutual trust and a thorough understanding of what is special about the school and community. 

We arrange early visits to prioritise a deep-dive investigation to establish where that school is and where we will place it on its journey to achieve ‘outstanding’.  It is an excellent time to get to know the staff and pupils.

By the time a school becomes a Fellowship academy, the school and The Fellowship will have built a sound relationship – we will be co-owners.   This mutual respect enables us to work together to build on and develop the school’s existing skills and experience. 

Working with the Principal we develop a programme of personalised support covering leadership, management, data systems, pupil tracking, educational technology, performance management and continuous professional development.  This programme is delivered by a range of key specialists within the The Fellowship team and our recognised quality-assured field force.   

We don’t just want to enable outstanding heads/principals – we create motivational leaders in our academies.