"Students say they have always felt completely safe at school and know exactly who they would turn to if there was a problem."

Ofsted 2014

Year 6 Summer School




Activity Week for Year 6 Boys

This year's Activity Week for Year 6 boys joining us in September 2018 will be held from Tuesday 28th  August to Friday 31st August 2017 and I would urge parents who will not be taking their Summer holidays at this time to consider sending their boys to take part in some if not all of the activities available.

The activities, most but not all of which take place on our school site, are organised by members of the Desborough staff and there will be something to interest all of the boys.

If previous years are any guide the boys will have a lot of fun but also get to familiarise themselves with their new school site as well as some of the staff. Most importantly it is an opportunity to meet some of their new class-mates. The whole point of the week, of course, is to reduce the anxieties that boys inevitably experience when they make the transition from the primary to the secondary phase of their education so that they are looking forward with confidence to their first day.

Parents wishing to express an interest in their son attending some or all of the days should contact Mr A Hall on 01905 831022 or by e-mail at andy@myleap.co.uk.


Paul Frazer



The LEAP Programme 2017

Tuesday 29th August - Desborough College

Wednesday 30th Augst - The Living Rainforest

Thursday 31st August - Phasels Wood Activity Centre

Friday 1st September - Desborough College

9.00 - 15.00

Transformers Summer School 2016

Desborough College invited the New Year 7 boys to the annual Summer School at the tail end of the summer holidays. Offered out to all, the summer school is the perfect opportunity for the new intake to catch up with old, and make new friends, become familiar with their surrounding and have bundles of fun before their first day in September!

In a jam packed week the boys participated in variety of activities including; Design Technology, Food Technology, Softball, Futsal, Crashmat Cricket as well as many other team building games/activities that enabled the boys to get to know one another and have a jolly good time!

The boys also had the opportunity to attend a day trip to Ufton Court in Reading where they participated in activities such as; archery, orienteering, shelter building, fire lighting and more!

It’s safe to say that Summer School 2016 was awesome! And I would bet my bottom dollar to say it will be even better next year! The feedback I received from the boys, parents and staff has been magnificent and it makes me very proud to be the organiser of what is a truly amazing week. The highlight for me (apart from being pelted with water bombs by the boys at Ufton Court!) was watching the boys form lifelong friendships as well as building the solid foundations they need to build upon as they embark on their new journey as members of the Desborough College community.


Mr Hall—Raising Achievement Leader