"The teaching of reading has been a priority: there has been made good progress for all groups of students in Years 7 and 8."

Ofsted 2014

Year 7 School Life

Whats on offer for Year 7 boys?

·   Student of the week:

Teachers send their nominations for their ‘student of the week’ for each year group.

·   Attendance Draw:

The attendance draw is done every two weeks and is based on boys who have 100% attendance for the term.

​·   Golden Time:​​​

Congratulations to the boys that were selected for ‘Golden time’ this term! This terms ‘Golden time’ was based on high achievement points, low behaviour points, and a good attendance record for the term.

·   Postcard Raffle

All boys that have received a postcard home over the week get entered in to a raffle in which one lucky pupil receives a gift voucher for one of a number of stores available in the area.

·   Year 7 House competition

Our four tutor groups compete against each other over the course of the year, with the winner at the end of the year winning an extra special ‘Golden time’ for their tutor group.


Homework is regarded as an integral part of education offered to all our students. It:

·         Supplements, develops and extends the whole learning process.

·         Encourages the students to develop the skills the need to study effectively on their own.

·         Consolidates, reinforces and sustains the involvement of parents and carers.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

It is important that the nature of the work makes allowances for age, ability, needs and other demands. Differentiated homework will allow ALL pupils to achieve their full potential.

Homework needs to be marked in line with the school’s marking policy and pupils will receive feedback promptly.

Pupils not completing homework will serve a detention in the subject area concerned and parents should be informed via planners or a phone call. Persistent issues over homework will be dealt with by Raising achievement leaders, with parents involved.

Please find below the Year 7 homework timetable





Art and IT









PE and Music


Equipment list

It is important that the pupils carry their planners with them at all times. They should also bring a reading book to school every day. 

Can all pupils please ensure that they have the following equipment, and that they bring these items to school every day.

For normal working, they should use a black pen. This is mandatory for all exams. For other uses, they should also have a green pen for homework feedback.