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Year 8 Home Page

Year 8

Raising Achievement Leader

Mr Snell 

Form Tutor

 Miss Lockwood

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 Mr Myatt

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 Mr Hudson

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 Mr Coughlan

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 Mr Andrews-Jones

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 Mr Routledge



I am delighted to be the Raising Attainment Leader for Year 8 at Desborough College for my Forth year, I can’t wait for the year ahead and to get to work with this fantastic and very talented group of boys. Year eight is an exciting place to be with the boys choosing their options, and I look forward to helping guide the boys in to choosing options that they will enjoy and achieve in moving forward.  

This is my fifth year at Desborough, during which time I have developed some really positive relationships with the pupils at the school and hope to continue to do so over the coming year. I have a passion for sport, and like to keep the year 8 boys busy, getting them to participate and compete against each other as much as possible. It’s great to see the lads enjoying themselves and competing in the various sporting fixtures the school has on for them, especially when it involves beating the other local schools, which we’re very good at doing.      

Hopefully this section should provide you with the answers you’re after, but if not then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the details below.


01628 634505 (extension 589)  

Instagram page:  DC.RAL.Y8


Kind regards,  


Mr Matthew Snell    


Important dates:  

Year 8 information evening (regarding options)

18th of Jan 2018  

Year 8 Options evening/parents evening:

23rd of  Jan 2018  

Year 8 Options deadline

1st of February 2018

Year 8 – End of Year Exams

4th of June 2018

Year 8 – End of year rewards trip

Rewarding students in year 8 for their excellence throughout the year based on their achievement points and SOTW nominations.

2nd of July 2018 (approx date)



As a school we strongly believe in the benefits of homework for developing good working routines, independent study habits and in the development of knowledge. Before half-term we reviewed the way in which homework is set at Desborough and have created a homework schedule which we believe provides greater clarity for pupils and parents.

Your son will have recently received a copy of his year group’s ‘homework schedule’, and will spend time in the coming week being introduced to our new approach. To ensure the effectiveness of the schedule we wanted to provide you with information of the changes so you can support your son in its use at home.

Most important to note is that our homework schedule has come about as a result of valuable feedback from the school community, including pupils, staff and parents, and we have consulted widely to ensure that this schedule is the best fit for all involved. I am hopeful that the schedule itself (enclosed) will answer many, if not all, of your questions about how our new approach works, but vitally the schedule will work best when its importance is reinforced at home as well as school.

In creating a fresh view of how homework is set, we hope to emphasise the message that homework is fundamental to making academic progress, and that our expectations of pupils are clear. The new schedule will remove any doubt as to what homework your son should be completing at home. Your son’s teachers will be using the schedule to ensure that homework is available on ‘Show My Homework’ for the correct day. This is also a good time to remind you of our Homework Club, which runs every day from 3.15pm to 5.00 pm.

Again, I do hope the schedule will answer most of your questions, however should you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your son’s Raising Achievement Leader or myself. A copy of this schedule will also be available to view below, and will be posted on our social media accounts.

Yours sincerely

Mr J Sparks

Vice Principal

Homework Schedule 2017-18

This schedule indicates the day/evening that a pupil should aim to complete a subject’s homework, and is the day that homework will be available to complete on Show My Homework. A pupil can identify which blocks (Year 9-11 only) their subjects are in by checking their individual class codes e.g. 10Y/Bs is a block Y option. More specific details (such as how long homework should take) can be found on your son’s personal schedule, which should be in their planner, with a copy also sent home for your convenience. We hope that our schedule will allow you to have a clear picture of the homework your son should be completing each day/evening at home, and support you monitoring that all homework is completed.

Click here to download.